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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

My name is Corey Drew Johnson and I am currently the pulpit minister for the church of Christ in Hollis, Oklahoma. I have been preaching in Hollis since December 2014 after graduating from Brown Trail School of Preaching in Bedford, Texas. While attending Brown Trail School of Preaching, I worked as a Youth Minister for the Bedford church of Christ in Bedford, Texas. I have worked at many different vocations throughout the years, from retail to fast food management to being a truck driver. I have always worked hard and excelled at my jobs, but I have never been as excited and fulfilled in any of my vocations as when I am preaching, teaching, and working with the brethren.

Teaching God’s Word to the world is a passion I have had from a very young age. I have been studying and learning God’s Word from childhood and I was baptized into Christ on October 10, 1991 at the age of eleven. I grew up in a biblically sound family with parents who taught me to have a fervent love for God, both by making sure that I grew up studying His Word as well as being excellent role models for me. My mother, Shirley, would carry a notebook to church each Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening, where she would take notes of all the verses that were used in the lessons. It was by this example that I would imitate her from a young age. My father, Harvey’s, knowledge of the Scriptures is immense and he was an excellent example to me as well, as I have learned much from him. He would serve on the Lord’s Table and lead prayers, as well as fill in for ministers on various occasions. Because of his example, I too wanted to be active in the church.

My wife, Amy, and I have been married for thirteen years, and she has been a member of the church for thirteen and a half years. She was attending the Christian Church before I converted and baptized her. She was seeking the truth and had a lot of questions. I had been a friend of her younger sister, Sarah (whom I also had converted and baptized), so Amy knew that I had a good understanding of the Scriptures. She asked me to have a Bible study with her and two weeks later, I baptized her. She has been a faithful Christian ever since then. Amy has two college degrees—one in Office Technology and the other in Computer Information Systems. She has been serving as Secretary for the Hollis church of Christ for the two years that I have been preaching for them. She has taught children’s Bible classes at the congregations in Ramona and Nowata, Oklahoma as well as Bedford, Texas and is currently teaching children’s Bible classes at Hollis. She is also teaching ladies’ classes at Hollis. While I was a student at Brown Trail School of Preaching, Amy attended their wives’ program and graduated in December 2014. We have two children—Savannah is nine years old and Elijah is seven (see attached family photo).

I immensely enjoy working with young people and I have been a counselor for four different church of Christ camps—Black Mesa Bible Camp, Green Valley Bible Camp, Inner Circle Christian Camp, and Quartz Mountain Christian Camp. I have also taught adult, high school, and junior high Bible classes at many different congregations. As a young adult, I also coached Kids’ Incorporated Youth Soccer. I employed many teenagers when I was working as a manager of the Sonic Drive-In in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Some of these teenagers would come to me for advice and looked to me as a role model. I was responsible for organizing and planning different events for them to attend that would help them in their work. I also worked with other Sonic Drive-Ins to train team members to effectively perform their assigned tasks. Whenever D.L. Rodgers LLC was opening a new Sonic, I was highly sought after by upper management for my experience in training teenagers, as they normally make up the bulk of the crew.
While a Youth Minister at Bedford, I worked with a variety of young people—from those who were well-behaved to those who struggle with behavioral problems. My work with the youth at Bedford was rewarding, challenging, and fulfilling. Working with the congregation in Hollis for two years has also been rewarding, challenging, and very fulfilling. My family and I have grown to love the people at both Bedford and Hollis and we will always consider them to be family. I have gained valuable experience from both congregations and I love teaching God’s Word and helping people learn how to apply it to their lives.

I am humbly grateful for the opportunity to be considered for the position and I would like to thank you for your time. It is my prayer that with thoughtful prayer and consideration, you will be able to find the best candidate for the position.

In Christ,

Corey Johnson




214 North Main St., Hollis, OK 73550

(918) 815-6805     ▪ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



My objective is to help the Lord's Church grow spiritually by working with a sound congregation to obtain the mutual goal of seeking and saving that which was lost (Luke 19:10) and striving together with the adults and youth to edify them in the ways of our God through the diligent study and application of His Word (2 Timothy 2:15).



Pulpit Minister ▪ 12-16-14 – Present

Hollis church of Christ ▪ Hollis, OK

  • Preparing and preaching two sermons for every Sunday
  • Preparing material and teaching two adult Bible classes a week
  • Facilitating and scheduling Area Wide Singing events
  • Personal evangelism
  • Providing biblical counseling
  • Teaching a parenting class at the penitentiary in Granite, OK
  • Driving the church van to give rides to children wanting to come to services
  • Organizing and facilitating Vacation Bible School classes and activities
  • Maintaining and operating the church’s food pantry
  • Handling all benevolence requests
  • Preaching funerals
  • Handling youth and family activities when the need arises
  • Preaching one nursing home service a month
  • Being actively involved in all church functions
  • Driving youth group to Bible camp in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
  • Serving as cabin counselor at Quartz Mountain Christian Camp in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
  • Visitation
  • Maintaining a good relationship with the community/Being active in the community
  • Maintaining a Facebook page for the church


Youth Minister ▪ 07-14-13 - 12-14-14

Bedford church of Christ ▪ Bedford, TX

  • Driving the joy bus on Wednesday evenings to pick up kids ages 6 years through high school needing rides
  • Responsible for care and maintenance of joy bus
  • Facilitating and scheduling youth events
  • Driving the joy bus for any and all youth activities
  • Being available for youth mentoring
  • Facilitating meal and activities for joy bus youth on Wednesday evenings before services
  • Teaching teenager Bible school classes
  • Organizing and facilitating Vacation Bible School classes and activities
  • Teaching teenager Vacation Bible School classes
  • Preaching two Sunday evenings a month
  • Filling in for the pulpit minister when he is ill or on vacation
  • Planning and holding youth devotionals
  • Taking the youth group to the Summer Youth Series events
  • Using my own material for teaching Bible classes
  • Preparing and presenting monthly youth group status reports for men's business meetings
  • Being actively involved in all church functions
  • Driving youth group to Bible camp in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma
  • Serving as cabin counselor at Bible camp in Lone Wolf, Oklahoma


Truck Driver ▪ 10-18-12 - 12-29-12

Crete Carrier Corporation ▪ Lincoln, NE

  • Driving a Class A Tractor Trailer on a dedicated route for the Wal-Mart distribution center in Bartlesville, OK
  • Hauling refrigerated units and dry box
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Backing up to multiple docks (3 to 6 docks a day) and helping unload truck at multiple stops
  • Maintaining a CDL log book


Crude Oil Truck Driver ▪ 01-20-12 - 10-4-12

Sunoco Logistics ▪ Drumright, OK

  • Driving a Class A Tractor Trailer to oil lease sites
  • Hauling an oil tanker
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Performing A-Maintenance on truck and trailer
  • When necessary, maintaining a CDL log book


Truck Driver ▪ 07-08-11 - 01-16-12

Crete Carrier Corporation ▪ Lincoln, NE

  • Driving a Class A Tractor Trailer on a dedicated route for the Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Bartlesville, OK
  • Hauling refrigerated units and dry box
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections
  • Backing up to multiple docks (3 to 6 docks a day) and helping unload truck at multiple stops
  • Maintaining a CDL log book


Cement Bulk Driver ▪ 04-18-11 - 06-12-11

Halliburton Energy Services ▪ Hugoton, KS

  • Driving a Class A tractor/trailer oil field cement bulk truck
  • Operating the pump on a cement bulk truck
  • Responsible for helping rig-up and rig-down operations
  • Finding oil field lease locations
  • Maintaining a CDL log book
  • Performing pre- and post-trip inspections


Operating Member/Partner ▪ 12-15-04 - 02-14-11

D.L. Rogers LLC (Sonic Drive-in) ▪ Bartlesville, OK

  • Complete management responsibility of the operation, human resources, payroll, and inventory management
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Inventory management
  • Promoted from Assistant Manager to Co-Manager 6 months after I started (07-01-05)
  • Promoted from Co-Manager to Operating Member/Partner (20% Owner) after 4 years (02-28-09)
  • Nominated for the Rookie of the Year Honor from the Oklahoma region for the year 2009


Group Manager ▪ 04-01-04 - 11-30-04

Duckwall's ▪ Meade, KS

  • Night management
  • Cash handling
  • Employee supervision
  • Inventory management


Construction Worker ▪ 2001- 2003

Sallee Construction ▪ Liberal, KS

  • General construction work
  • Insulation blowing
  • Roof shingling
  • Odd jobs



  • Capable of teaching the Scriptures
  • People skills
  • Management ability
  • Work well with youth
  • Computer skills
  • Motivational skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Licensed CDL driver
  • Certified volunteer for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections



World Bible Institute

01-15-17 thru Present ▪ Currently a student in the Graduate Program


Brown Trail School of Preaching

01-07-13 thru 12-14-14 ▪ Obtained Bible degree


Central Tech Truck Driving Program

02-15-11 thru 03-18-11 ▪ Obtained Certificate of Achievement and P.T.D.I. Certification


York College

1999- 2001

  • Member of Sigma Tau and Activities Director

Canadian Valley Vo-tech Computer Repair Training

1996- 1997


Seward County Vo-tech Welding Training

1995- 1996 ▪ Passed Oklahoma State Exam to become a Certified Welder



References available upon request